What Products Can a Fuel Company Provide


If you require domestic heating oil, diesel for your commercial vehicles or any other type of fuels and lubricants, it’s always worth having a reliable fuel supplier on standby. While most fuel suppliers will offer a wide range of products it’s always worth doing a little research to make sure they are the right choice for you.

To better understand the products and services that a fuel company can provide you, this blog will explain all you need to know!

Which products are available for fuel delivery?

Fuels and lubricants have different uses, so before you start searching for ‘oil delivery near me’ figure out what kind of fuel you need. Are you a domestic, commercial or agriculture customer? This should help you figure out which products you need based on how they’re being used.

Some of the most common fuel types available include:

Heating oil

If you are off-grid and have an oil boiler, you will need heating oil –  there are around 1.1 million households with oil boilers, so they’re not as rare as you might think! As well as for domestic services, heating oil is also sold to commercial customers for similar reasons. In these cases, you will need reliable heating oil deliveries to keep your central heating running.

There are different types of heating oil depending on where it’s being used. So, if your home or business needs it, you can keep your tank full with convenient deliveries. Whether it is to warm up the flooring of a warehouse or simply heat up an office, heating oil is essential within many industries.

Diesel fuel

One of the most common fuels used in the commercial industry is diesel, typically to fuel different types of machinery and vehicles. In fact, diesel is a crucial part of numerous business operations; without it, companies would not be able to fuel their vehicles and therefore transport would be restricted, resulting in a loss of profit and custom.

Without reliable diesel supplies, many commercial ventures would not be able to continue their operations including logistics or deliveries. Diesel is essential to the process of transporting goods all over the globe; in fact, national and international trade is absolutely crucial to the successful operation of many commercial industries. It’s also essential for services such as emergency services, public transport and more.

Diesel is often used in very large quantities so you must have enough on-site to keep your business running smoothly. Both commercial and industrial clients can benefit from diesel fuel deliveries all year round.

Red diesel

Red diesel is a low tax fuel that is most often used in agricultural and construction industries. It’s a low duty form of diesel that’s suitable for off-road vehicles such as tractors as well as machinery. However, since this type of fuel is minimally taxed it cannot be used in domestic vehicles.

If you run a farm or require red diesel for your machinery, you can benefit from fuel deliveries. Red diesel, otherwise known as gas oil, 35-second oil, tractor diesel or agricultural diesel, is used to fuel registered off-road vehicles and machinery such as light farming vehicles, tractors, road structure vehicles, mowers and construction vehicles (such as diggers).

This type of fuel is essential throughout agriculture so if you want to keep your farming equipment running smoothly, you need to maintain a good supply of red diesel. At D & S L Fuels and Lubricants, we deliver red diesel as well as other fuels and lubricants across East Yorkshire. Our delivery service will keep you topped up so your fuel supply arrives exactly where you need it. Find out more today.

What are the benefits of fuel deliveries?

If you’ve been searching for ‘oil delivery near me’ the good news is that it’s easy to find a reputable supplier. Fuels and lubricants can be delivered straight to your door so your home or business is never short no matter what time of the year it is.

The benefits of fuel deliveries include:

You can save money

Fuels and lubricants can be expensive but when you find a good supplier there are often deals to be had, especially for commercial clients. Buying in bulk can help you cut costs. When you are regularly buying in large quantities, there can be greater flexibility in terms of price.

You will receive high-quality fuels and lubricants

Fuel deliveries are a great way of supplying yourself with high-quality fuels and lubricants. When you use a trusted supplier, the products that you receive will be reflected in the price which means your oil boiler, machinery or vehicles will continue to run smoothly.

You’ll have peace of mind

When you rely on fuels and lubricants on a daily basis and run low unexpectedly, it can be a rush to find a supplier who can deliver to you quickly. On the other hand, finding a fuel expert who you can arrange a schedule or who understand your needs, will give you more peace of mind. You won’t need to worry about completely running out as your scheduled deliveries will ensure that you are topped up and ready to go.

You can arrange deliveries at a time that suits you

Whether you need fuel on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis you can find a delivery option that works for you. By using a schedule, you’ll know that you won’t run out of fuel for your vehicles or machinery and, therefore, can concentrate on improving processes and the customer experience.

Deliveries will improve efficiency

Not only are deliveries convenient but having your fuels brought to you will improve your efficiency as a business. The last thing you want is for your machines to run out of fuel when you have deadlines to meet. However, a good delivery service will make your operations far slicker so you can concentrate on the task ahead without any delays.

When you’re off-grid or you require fuels and lubricants for commercial purposes, it takes a little more planning. Delivery services can help massively by easing the stress of sourcing your fuels every time and preventing any risks of being caught short!

Who can benefit from fuel deliveries?

Fuels and lubricants can be used by anyone, but if you use them regularly or in a large volume then a delivery service can help you out massively. You might want to consider fuel deliveries if you are:

  • A commercial business owner who runs a fleet of vehicles.
  • An industrial or agricultural client who needs fuel to operate their machinery.
  • A homeowner who is off-grid.

Fuel delivery services can work for everyone

D & S L Fuels and Lubricants: Commercial Fuel Deliveries in Yorkshire

If you’re looking for a reliable fuel supplier in Yorkshire, look no further than D & S L Fuels and Lubricants. As a family-owned business, we focus on providing amazing customer service and high-quality products to domestic, industrial and agricultural customers.

Our range of products includes kerosene, gas oil, bottled gas and lubricants all of which are available to buy in bulk. We’ll deliver straight to your door so you always have the right amount of fuels and lubricants, no matter how you’re using them.

Established for over 25 years, we have experience handling and delivering fuel across East Yorkshire & Holderness. Get in touch with us today for more information.


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