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Standard Deliveries are usually made within 9 working days (1st working day is the day after ordering) Weekends and Public Bank Holidays are excluded unless exceptional circumstances occur.

All our prices are inclusive of Delivery Charge and 5% VAT, but please note if ordering over 2300 litres Vat is charged at 20%.

If additive is required there will be an extra charge of 1.50 pence per litre.

Heating Oil
Kerosene 28
Most Common Heating Oil in the UK: A Lighter and Cleaner Fuel At D & SL Fuels and Lubricants, we supply Kerosene 28sec (also referred to as Paraffin, Heating...
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Red Diesel
Gas Oil (Class A2)
Agricultural Diesel: A Low Tax Fuel for the Construction Industry If you’ve been looking for red diesel suppliers in Hull and beyond, look no further than D&SL Fuel an...
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