Heating Oil (Kerosene)

Kerosene 28-second heating oil is a lighter, cleaner fuel. For this reason, it is one of the most common heating oils in the UK.

It is produced from controlled distillation at refineries from raw crude oil products to ensure the product gives a clean burn in both vaporising burner and pressure jet applications. Clean combustion is essential to minimise smoke and soot formation.

We supply Kerosene 28sec, often called Paraffin in the UK, which is used for domestic home heating. This is also known as Regular Burning Oil (RBO), Heating Oil, and other various trade names.

Kerosene is rebated fuel which currently carries no excise duty. It is marked with yellow dye and a euro marker chemical in accordance with HMRC requirements. It is a criminal offence to use Kerosene as a road fuel.

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