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Looking for a reliable company to handle your fuel distribution?

Contact D & SL Fuels & Lubricants in Paull, Hull, East Yorkshire.

We provide a comprehensive fuel and oil distribution service throughout the East Yorkshire and Holderness area. Our reliability means your peace of mind knowing that your fuel arrives on time with no disruptions to your supply chain.

    Heating Oil
    Kerosene 28
    Most Common Heating Oil in the UK: A Lighter and Cleaner Fuel At D & SL Fuels and Lubricants, we supply Kerosene 28sec (also referred to as Paraffin, Heating...
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    Red Diesel
    Gas Oil (Class A2)
    Agricultural Diesel: A Low Tax Fuel for the Construction Industry If you’ve been looking for red diesel suppliers in Hull and beyond, look no further than D&SL Fuel an...
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