About D & SL Fuels & Lubricants

We are a local family owned fuel supplier based in Paull, near Hull.

Supplying domestic, industrial and agricultural customers, whatever your fuel requirements are we can help you.

Our prices are competitive and coupled with our free local delivery service, you win every time you buy our fuels.

  • Krosene
  • Gas Oil
  • Bottled Gas
  • Lubricants


Heating Oil
Kerosene 28
Most Common Heating Oil in the UK: A Lighter and Cleaner Fuel At D & SL Fuels and Lubricants, we supply Kerosene 28sec (also referred to as Paraffin, Heating...
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Red Diesel
Gas Oil (Class A2)
Agricultural Diesel: A Low Tax Fuel for the Construction Industry If you’ve been looking for red diesel suppliers in Hull and beyond, look no further than D&SL Fuel an...
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